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The Financial Benefits of Providers Going to Virtual Rehab Services

Many providers are making the switch to virtual rehab services (link to Home Page). While there are several reasons for this, one of the biggest is the financial benefits. By going to a virtual rehab service, providers can save money on staffing costs while increasing capacity. Here we will discuss the financial and other benefits that you can expect when your office switches to Hela!

Current Provider Costs

We can't see the potential benefits of using Hela if we're not assessing how much it costs for you to offer this service in-house. The three most expensive aspects of a healthcare facility are personnel, exercise equipment, and stress testing.

According to this study, the cost of delivering cardiac rehabilitation in the US is among the highest globally, with providers paying up to $7,700 per patient/program. The study found that lower-cost delivery methods are imperative to improve patient outcomes.

This is where Hela helps! We can reduce the cost of health care through machine learning, providing a tremendous opportunity for providers to also increase patient outcomes.


Empowering Providers to Deliver the Best Care at a Lower Cost

With machine learning, we can decrease the time and money spent on personnel. You'll be able to make informed decisions based on data collected on our app that will recommend treatment plans and medication for your patients. Hela also detects any deviations in health-related matters requiring your attention immediately!

  1. Reduced Number of Necessary Personnel for Assessment and Treatment

  2. Provide Live Updates on Patient’s Progress

  3. Recommend and Provide Follow-up Care to Prevent Readmission

  4. And Much More

Increase Capacity While Improving Service Availability

Hela has shown that by increasing a patient's access to technology, they are more likely to succeed while lowering overall costs for the healthcare provider. This means you can scale up your business while helping even greater numbers of people in need - which also increases your revenue!

Hela helps you:

• Expand Your Cardiac Care Without Overstretched Budgets

• Provide More Patients with Access to Necessary Treatment

• Gain a Competitive Advantage with Hela’s Patient Scheduling and Group Management Tools

• Achieve Greater Precision in Billing by Streamlining Documentation


Embrace Technology for Better Patient Care

If you’re a provider looking for ways to reduce your staffing costs and increase patient capacity, we recommend checking out Hela. Our machine learning platform can help you save money while delivering better patient outcomes. And the best part? It’s easy to get started. Just download our app and start using it in your practice today. Are you ready to see the difference Hela can make?

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