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Financial Benefits for Payers of Virtual Cardiac Rehab

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to save money and improve patient outcomes. The Hela App offers both results for payers of healthcare. We provide clear metrics with graphs to show financial savings for insurance companies and patients.

Costs of Cardiac Events Without Adequate Intervention

Consider this: a study published by NCBI shows for every patient who has a cardiac event, hospitals spend $1,406 on average for each day spent inpatient.

Of those patients, 22% were readmitted within 30 days after being discharged from the hospital, which means many people with this condition are not getting adequate treatment or support at home before things become worse again.

But that's not all! Shockingly, 33.3% were readmitted within 60 days, 40.2% were readmitted within 90 days, and over 30% will have a second potentially fatal attack within one year- that's a significant cost! While the above numbers are impressive, they do not capture the total picture of how expensive heart disease can be.

So, what is the answer to expensive hospital stays?


Cardiac Rehab Reduces Costs and Risk Factors

We know that better health outcomes translate into reduced hospitalizations and that's why cardiac rehabilitation is critical for all heart patients.

Another study shows that cardiac rehabilitation results in a 31% reduction in hospital readmissions, and a 26% drop-in mortality rates. This means that it reduces costs associated with heart attacks by $8.5 million annually, an impressive 7% ROI for insurers. The study also found that if it included physician costs in the calculations, then benefits would have been 15%-20% greater. This is incredible news!

Virtual Cardiac Rehab Reduces Costs Further

Insurance companies are on the hook for a lot of money if patients don't receive cardiac rehabilitation. Heart patients need physical therapy and counseling but also must learn how to properly care for themselves outside the hospital setting, which can be difficult without support from an experienced trained professional!

New delivery models for health care can help patients overcome their barriers and lower costs by providing them with treatments they might not otherwise receive. Instead of limiting help to one rehab session per week for 36 weeks at a clinic, patients can access the Hela app anytime and anywhere. This makes access to healthcare easy while being more affordable.

Best of all, Hela includes the five components of cardiac care required for insurance reimbursement.

  1. Physician-Prescribed Exercise

  2. Cardiac Risk Factor Modification

  3. Psychosocial Assessment

  4. Outcome Assessment

  5. Individualized Treatment Plan


With the potential for savings (both in mortality rates and financially) and ease of access, insurers and patients will benefit from using Hela's virtual cardiac rehab.

The Next Step - Providing Advanced Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation

So, what's the next step? Please recommend the Hela app to providers and patients. There is information on our website about how to use the app (link to How it Works page), as well as the benefits of virtual cardiac rehab. The more people who know about this life-saving technology, the better. Let’s spread the word about Hela!

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