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Virtual Rehab Benefits Cardiac Patients: Physical, Financial, and Emotional Health Improvements

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and many cardiac patients require rehabilitation after a heart attack or other cardiac event. Now, new research shows that virtual rehab provides numerous benefits to cardiac patients, including improved physical health, less financial strain, and stronger emotional health.

Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation

We all know that a healthy heart is the key to living life fully and avoiding future complications from cardiovascular disease. But rehab remains underutilized even when it can be so beneficial! The small number of women or minorities in cardiac rehabilitation is especially concerning since they have lower general wellness and higher cardiac death rates, according to data.


Cardiac rehabilitation helps you maintain your well-being by slowing down progression if not reversing course entirely. As mentioned before, rehab has tangible benefits, which include lessened risk. What does this mean for you?


Benefits of Cardiac Rehab for Patients

  1. It means that by following simple steps, your risk of dying from any heart-related cause is reduced by 25%.

  2. With the help of rehab, you can do everything better. You'll have an enhanced ability to perform daily living activities and reduce symptoms like angina or fatigue in your life!

  3. Exercise and program adherence can reduce your risk of mortality by up to 5 years.

With the Proven Benefits, What's Stopping Patients?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a chance to not just heal your heart, but also save your life. So, why aren't more doctors recommending rehab to their patients?

  1. Doctors are so busy that they cannot keep up with innovative technology and treatments.

  2. When patients can't afford adequate insurance, the options doctors can recommend are limited.

  3. Often doctors cannot find suitable cardiac rehab programs in the area that meet specific patient needs.

Hela Delivers a Patient-Centric Platform

Hela's innovative virtual technology can help you get the care you need to recover from heart disease at home. We collaborate with your doctor and our team of specialists to assess your health every day. We then provide the best possible treatment plan based on our analysis for your doctor to approve, which includes everything from medical history to current symptoms.


Hela’s innovative platform makes it easy to understand and act upon your health insights. This means that instead of only doctors understanding your numbers and vital signs, it now makes sense for you as well with our relatable graphs and visuals! You can get all the data in real-time with our user-friendly app!


Decrease Financial Strain

Improving your health is not the only benefit of using our app. We also decrease the financial strain on you and your family.

  1. Because Hela monitors your symptoms daily, your doctor can assess your health more frequently without costly office visits.

  2. Access to live virtual group exercise programs saves you money by reducing travel expenses.

  3. Virtual appointments and monitoring of your health also reduce the financial strain on loved ones who normally miss work to provide care.

Hela helps post-cardiac event patients to reduce the financial strain of care, but what many people don't realize is that emotional wellness also needs attention.

Increases Emotional Wellness

We can't forget about mental health; it's easy to become isolated, which leads to depression or anxiety. Hela helps by offering a community filled with people who care about you. This will help keep everyone's spirits up while also giving you extra attention and support you need.

Hela Offers:

  1. Live-Streamed Group Sessions from Your Home

  2. Talk With Young Volunteers on Weekly Video Calls

  3. Collaborate with a Patient Partner and Keep Track of Each Other's Progress

  4. Engage with Your Community on Discussion Boards, Group Messaging, and Direct Messaging.

Whether you use the app to track your health, exercise, or just chat with new friends - Hela is here for all of it.


Get Back on Your Feet with Our Support

We know your providers want to take care of you, and we’ve built a platform that will help them do just that. Hela is a cutting-edge MedTech app designed with machine learning to provide personalized insights on how treatment can be tailored to your needs.


Our goal? To get you healthy again by helping doctors give better treatments based on personal data. Your doctors may not have heard about us yet, but they should! Recommend our innovative virtual health app now.

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