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Hela is Here to Help You

We want to help you get on the road towards recovery. Did you know that only 30% of patients who have had a heart attack enroll in cardiac rehabilitation programs [Link to Home Page], and less than half finish it?

Many people feel like they cannot succeed in a program because of their location and lack of access to services or supportive individuals. It can be hard for someone who is denying his/her experience with trauma and guilt about being alive, when all these things are happening at once.

Hela’s engineers in Silicon Valley felt a responsibility to enable patient recovery from home during the pandemic. Today, Hela's staff comprises professionals from Sweden and the United States, who are assisting us in moving ahead with one of America's most prevalent causes of death - coronary artery disease.

We at Hela are on a mission to make cardiac rehabilitation accessible to you, so we can help you get the care that you deserve. After all, Hela means “to heal” in Swedish!


Technology is the Future of Care Coordination

Hela's app is the future of care coordination, enabled by technology. We believe in the power of people and artificial intelligence (AI) to come together to make a difference in your life. With the help of our app, your doctor will monitor and adjust your treatment plan in real-time.

The Doctor's Office is About to Get a lot More Interesting

Our app is set for computer vision, which will be able to prevent cardiac difficulties through vital signs monitoring AND detecting deviations from group exercise sessions that would otherwise go unnoticed by human eyes alone - all in real-time with your smartphone or tablet.

Our cutting-edge technology can do so much to help your journey towards heart health! We'll even make recommendations based on the data you collect.

Possible Recommendations Based on Hela's AI:

  1. Diagnosis

  2. Prescriptions

  3. Physical Activities

  4. Education Curriculum

  5. And Much More

  6. Of course, your care team reviews the treatment plan before you begin.


Benefits of Using Hela

  1. Get the care you need, when and where you need it.

  2. Get real-time updates on your health.

  3. Rest easy knowing that your doctor is always just a tap away.

  4. Feel supported and cared for in your time of need.

Recovery Just Got Easier

The team behind the app [link to Meet Your Team below] has developed a state-of-the-art treatment program that not only helps you stick to your program but also offers an array of other services like nutritionists and psychological experts. The goal is for this innovative platform to provide care in rural as well as major cities across America by bridging gaps in healthcare, such as lack of access or affordability issues.



Evaluate your present condition by performing some simple exercises



Get your results in a report and consult a specialist to see what program you need



Choose one of the programs suggested by the specialist



Register and start your live physiotherapy sessions with other patients

This is an exciting time for us, as we are on the cusp of launching our product. It's also rewarding because it shows that there are people who believe in what we do and how Hela operates!

We have raised seed funds with the help of KPMG, setting its value at two million dollars; this means everything when trying to grow quickly while maintaining quality control (and sane prices!).

With our large social capital, Hela has access to top talents and MedTech entrepreneurs. We also enjoy close ties with established media outlets that can help us get ahead of the curve in this industry!

What does this mean for you?


You Are Not Alone.

You can stop feeling isolated, lost in the sea of depression. Meet your team, an empowered group at Hela that will help guide you to recovery and peace.


These are the people who understand what it's like when life feels overwhelming. Best of all, support is always available whenever needed most because of our innovative app.



Asmen Gul


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Neeraj Baheti

Product Manager

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Dr. Kazim Dogan

Medical Director

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Dan Ayettey

Full Stack Developer

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Sena Söyleyici

Machine Learning Engineer

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Veli Muratoglu



Chethan Annayappa

Marketing Intern and Master Thesis Student

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Master Thesis Student

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Meet the team acnhor



Jessica Cederberg Wodmar

Investor & Board member

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Margaretha Levander

Board member

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