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Dedicated Treatment at Home

Virtual Cardiac Rehab

What is Virtual Cardiac Rehab?

You want to live a long life and stay as healthy as possible. If you have had a heart attack or suffer from cardiac problems, staying healthy is critically important. Unfortunately, because of our busy schedules and lack of resources, such as time and money, it's hard to visit the gym every day to do exercise or attend regular rehabilitation sessions at a hospital or another clinic.

This is where virtual cardiac rehab (VCR) comes in: Hela makes cardiac rehab easily accessible so you can attend sessions regularly and take care of your heart health.


We Are An Established Medical Agency

State Of The Art Medical Treatment

Hela is an online service that assists you in cardiac rehabilitation. For example, our programs provide:

  • Medical Best Practices and Innovative Solutions at Home

  • Weekly Check-ups

  • Measure Oxygen Saturation and Pulse on Your Smartphone

  • Digital Heart Classes

  • Access to Psychologists and Physiotherapists

  • Virtual Group Exercise Classes

  • Stress-Coping Tools

  • Active Community and Buddy System

  • And Much More

Hela combines group exercise tailored to your group’s needs and medical condition, as well as virtual coaching (e.g., support by virtual doctors and trainers), and an active and growing community.

Virtual Cardiac Rehab
Virtual Cardiac Rehab

Why is Virtual Cardiac Rehab Needed?

When you or a loved one come home after a life-changing diagnosis, it’s easy to enter a state of denial about the cardiac problem. To help come out of denial, Hela makes access to information and a helpful community available. Our virtual cardiac rehabilitation app ensures you have access to life-changing help - as does anyone living in rural or remote areas, including the elderly and disabled.

Advantages of Virtual Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Prevention of Physical Deconditioning 

  • Maintaining Functional Independence 

  • Increasing Psychological Well-Being

  • Compliance with Medical Treatment

  • Decreased Risk of Hospital Readmission

  • Decreased Risk of Secondary Heart Failure

Advantages of Hela’s Innovative Community

  • Join Live-Streamed Group Sessions from Your Home

  • Share Responsibilities with a Patient Partner & Keep Track of Each Other's Development

  • Gain Newfound Energy Through Weekly Video Calls from Young Volunteers Near You

  • Stay Up to Date on the Latest Information Surrounding Heart-Related Subjects

  • Listen to Expert Guest Speakers on Subjects Relevant to Your Health-Related Needs

What Does Virtual Rehab Look Like?

Cardiac rehab at home through Hela is a low-risk, effective way to improve your wellbeing. You can enjoy virtual cardiac rehab from the comfort of your own home, which decreases stress related to traveling and allows you to take part in heart rehab programs regardless of how severe the symptoms are or where you live.

Virtual Cardiac Rehab

Hela is an Online Treatment Option that Works

You interact with real people and professionals who guide you through an immersive, virtual environment. The platform is accessible from any device, and Hela tailors the cardiac rehab exercises to your specific condition.

Some people may not engage physically with others due to age, illness, disability, or simply lack the desire to do so. Hela has found that this technology gives people who otherwise would not have been able to access care at all the chance to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing by practicing exercises in a virtual community.

Advantages of Our App

  • We offer physiotherapy in online groups of eight people to increase adherence to the program by offering you peer support.

  • These groups are live-streamed and not prerecorded to increase your sense of belonging and engagement during class.

  • We encourage your community engagement with discussion boards, group messaging, and direct messaging, all of which decrease depression and increase accountability among participants.

  • Medical Influencers post brief video clips daily to give health tips and encouragement to you.

  • We have an easy-to-understand Hela Health Insights Scorecard that uses visual illustrations to communicate your current health.

  • We have an outstanding buddy system so you can invite loved ones and your volunteer support system to take part in weekly calls and discussions.

How to Get Started?

It’s easy to get started as a patient on the Hela app. All you need is your healthcare provider's permission. Then, enter your basic information and answer questions about yourself. Once you finish creating an account, you'll be able to book sessions, engage in the community, and find a buddy to help you on your journey of recovery.


If you want to volunteer to be a buddy for other patients, it's also easy. All you need is a desire to help people in their journey of recovery.


You can apply to become a buddy by clicking the button below.


We currently have master’s thesis students from Uppsala University who are helping in marketing and program development.


Contact us if you have a background in healthcare, technology, or design and want to collaborate on the app or programs too. 



Virtual Cardiac Rehab

In Summary

Virtual Cardiac Rehab is an innovative new way to recover from heart problems through online engagement. Start by getting permission to use the app from your healthcare provider. Then create an account and book sessions when you're ready. You can also become a buddy or reach out to us if you want to help in other ways.

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